It was Thursday afternoon when I was just sitting at Mr. Brun’s room we are ordered to make a paragraph by Mr. Fullmer. Time passing by with my friends, family and all the people around me, I’m so happy being with them and I don’t want to change anything in my life, because having them is my happiness and I treasure them so much.

            One Saturday morning I and my friends decided to go to the beach. When we are at the beach, we are so happy and full of joy. No worries and hard feelings, all we make is memories that can be treasured for our entire lives. Being with them is just my happiness and I treasure them most. And whenever I feel blue they’re the one who cheer me up and they’re the one who’s my medicine if I’m sick or whatever.

TRALALA  forever J ..

             When I go home my family is waiting for me for us to eat our dinner. And at that moment that we shared together, it was the happiest and memorable dinner I ever had. I can feel that we’re a perfect family that everybody wants. We throw jokes to each other and watching them laugh a big part of my heart is being filled by love. They are my inspiration and they’re the one who makes me strong.

Wealth is not important even though we are poor as long as we are complete and a perfect family to everyone. Because for me my family is my wealth.

             Then as I watch my reflection at the mirror, my “funny” face J to be specific. I just said to myself “I’m beautiful enough for everybody to notice me”. ! I’m happy of my appearance. I’m contented enough of what I have. 

I don’t know if many people don’t like my personality/attitude. For me I’m just being who I am no more hidings, and I’m not just a girl that is called by people “plastic”. And I don‘t care what people say I’m just enjoying my life while I’m still existing in this beautiful world.

 Being intelligent to become popular doesn’t important, and for me I believe in myself that I have my own intelligence in many things I just need more knowledge to become this as my skill/talent/etc. And I love being “Kalog”   in many ways.
               As my conclusion I decided not change anything from my friends, family, appearance, personality, wealth and intelligence because having them is the most happiest and memorable thing that I ever had. I’m being contented of what God gives us all I can do is to take care of the things that is important to me and treasure them most so that I can never lose them. And having such a wonderful chance  to change anything is what people wants but me I’m just a simple girl who’s contented of being me and having them, no more hidings. I love them more than my life that no one/ nothing can break it.

              When I woke up its 2061 again, and suddenly my tears are falling down. I just can’t control my feelings of what just had happen to me. I feel so relieved and successful. I just remember I hadn’t change anything in my life but I’m still happy as long as I’m alive and I have them who loves me the most.





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