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Flasbacks in 2011

It’s getting cold in here

The Blog

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
but this blog is sooo delightful
Until the internet gets slow,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

That’s right, it’s that special time of year where you can show off your holiday cheer with a little special blog flair — falling snow. To get it started:

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings » General.
  3. Check the box next to “Show falling snow on this blog.”
  4. Roast some chestnuts.

Even Texas boys like me who only saw snow a handful of times growing up can enjoy it all month long, until we turn it off on January 4th.

If you are a terrible Grinch or if the snow just slows down your computer or confuses your cat, you can go to your personal settings page and hide the snow everywhere you go.

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My Workshops in ENGLISH





-Place:ChiMinhCity,Cairo,Egypt, Leprechaun etc.

-Time: This is a fantasy story so the time is not indicated in the story.



-Personification: The mopeds partied like fish in a giant shoal. Pg.7

-Simile: He was white as vampire and almost as testy in the light of day. Pg.3

-Hyperbole: It was obvious that he could snap a man’s backbone like twig                           with those mammoth hands. Pg. 5



-Sight: They were setting outside a curbside café onDong Khai Street, watching the local teenagers circle the square on mopeds. Pg. 4

-Hearing: He could feel the explosion rattling his torso as he threw himself into a reverse loop. Pg. 111

-Touch: Nguyen wiped the sweat from his stringy mustache. Pg. 7

-Smell: Cooks dropped fish heads into woks of hissing oil, and urchins threaded their way underfoot searching for unguarded valuables. Pg. 7

-Taste: The healer’s tongue caught a drop of alcohol at the corner of her mouth. Pg. 10



-What is the conflict of the story?

“Conflict is between individual vs. individual and individual vs. society”

-How is the conflict resolved?

“The fairies attack the Fowl Manor by attacking using the bio-bomb but Artemis Fowl and his company did survive it. Then it is announced that the fairies was beaten by Artemis Fowl.”

-What is the climax/turning point of conflict?

“When commander Cudgeon free the troll at the Fowl manor and it was just so scary and thrilling.” Pg.201

-Does the story follow a logical sequence of events?


  1. He’d had the feeling once before. Pg. 223
  2. On his first day at theSwissAcademy. Pg.223



-First person:

“I hope this isn’t another wild-goose chase.” Pg. 3

“I’m certain this time.” Pg. 3

“I’m sure one would be quite sufficient.” Pg. 5



-What is the controlling or main idea in the story?

“It is about Artemis fowl and the fairies in how they fight each other.”

-Can the main idea in this story be expressed as a proverb or maxim?


-What would be the proverb or maxim?




-Write 15-20 sentences using the ff. plot structure:


First, there was a twelve years old boy named Artemis Fowl, he is the son of Angeline Fowl, he is a child prodigy, a genius, a millionaire and above all a criminal mastermind.Butleris guarding Artemis since the moment of his birth, he is the closest Artemis had to a father, albeit one who obeyed order. They currently lived at the Fowl Manor inDublin. There are fairies which Artemis is searching for like Capt. Holly Short, Julius Root, Foaly and etc. They are one of the most excellent dwarf fairies of all.

Then Artemis first adventure is to find Nguyen a fairy, for him to get the book of fairies. Then one day Artemis found Capt. Holly Short, he use Short for him to get golds from the fairies so that the Fowls would be great again and a new empire would rise, with Artemis Fowl the second at its head. Commander Root knows about the kidnapping Artemis just did so they make a move for them to get Capt. Short. They don’t know that Artemis know them very much because he study hard about the life, powers, and weakness of every fairy, he’s just a genius boy. And because of this Artemis decided to negotiate with Commander Root, in exchange of Capt. Short’s life they will give Artemis a ton twenty-four carat and Commander Root was in favor of this negotiation.

Next, Commander Root contact to the council for him to be given a 24 carat gold but Cudgeon a feeling commander that think only of his self  ordered that they need the troll to attack the Mud People. A troll is a creature that would simply kill anything in its way, regardless of species; it has a clear from the meat ripping point on its teeth, from the dried gore crusted beneath its claws, and from the distilled hatred spilling from its eye. When the troll is on the Fowl manor, Butler try to fight it, he squeezed the trigger as rapidly as the Sig Saver’s mechanism, two in the chest, three between the eyes, but the troll is not affected of what he did so the troll just coiled him around his trunk, slicing through his Kevlar reinforced jacket like a razor through rice paper. SoButlerfelt a  cold pain as the serrated ivory pierced his chest in that case his wounds was fatal so Capt. Short decide to helpButlerin attacking the troll bit it wasn’t enough. And she decide to heal Butler in order for Butler to fight the troll, when he is healed he sees that his sister Juliet is carried by the troll and he felt anger so he fight the troll with all his learning’s and weapons and then he scares the troll that he will cut him into pieces so the troll leave the Fowl manor and Capt. Short was so impressed of what butler did.

And lastly, in spite of the happenings Artemis continue to negotiate Commander Root plan that they will attack Artemis by the bio-bomb once they get Capt. Short from Artemis. A bio-bomb is a disastrous bomb which no one can survive, they think that Artemis will not survive it but he did. When the time of the negotiation they give the half the half of the gold to Capt. Short because Short save their lives, and the only thing that Artemis think to survive the bio-bomb is for them to drink sleeping pills. And with that Artemis survive the bio-bomb, it indicates that they beaten the fairies, Artemis won the battle. When the 3 of them woke up they don’t know that its Christmas Day already so Artemis decided to go to his Mother Angeline they make a little conversation. He’s mother was cured by Capt. Short so Angeline is already normal and moving on from the past. And at that time Artemis thinks he’s a boy again his life was going back to the old times and it will change utterly.




WORKSHOP NO.6 (Analysis & Critique)


1. Would you recommend this book to others? Why or why not?

  – Yes, I would recommend this book to others, because this book is interesting. It talks about the adventures of a 12yrs.old boy named Artemis. By the title and the cover of the book you will be encouraged to read it. Once you start reading it all you feel is excitement if what will happen next. Every chapter is full of surprises, excitement, and it is so thrilling. You should read this because it as New York Times Best-Seller book. And the author is Eoin Colfer which writes a number of best-sellers inIreland. This is the book that you cannot resist. I assure you; you will love and enjoy reading this book.


2. What did you like about the book? What did you dislike?

  -The thing that I like about the book is its story. On how it is arrange, how it is made, and written. I like the attitude of every character in the story. I like the role of every character it fits them will. And most of all I like Artemis Fowl in the story being genius and a lovable son. And the thing that I dislike about the book is using of hard words which I don’t understand. Using of the words which is hard to read/pronounce. The attitude of Artemis being cruel and a criminal mastermind. Because he is too young to be like that. And most of all the fairies that hated the Mud People.


3. Describe what you were thinking about when you read the story.

  – All I think about when, I read the story is I think, I’m one of the characters. I think, I’m also there and one of the member of Artemis Fowl’s team. I think, I’m their in every adventure he had. I think, I want to read the next book of Artemis Fowl. I think, I want also to write books like this. I want to be a writer like Eoin Colfer. I think Artemis is just a kid but I idolize him so much. I’m thinking if I was given a chance to be one of the characters, I would choose to be Juliet,Butler’s baby sister. I think, I want to be an author to. And most of all I’m thinking that I want to meet Artemis Fowl in person.




1. What overall feeling did the book give you? Were you happy, sad, angry, excited, and bored? Why?

  -The overall feeling the book give me is happiness & excitement, because the story is interesting. It makes me feel happy because the story is just so enjoyable and I can relate to Artemis on how he loves his mother. And it makes me feel excited because every chapter I read was so unexpected.


2. What larger idea (or metaphor) did the book give you? In other words, how can you apply it to your life?

  -It gives me an idea on how to be a better person, like Artemis Fowl in spite of his cruelty he don’t forget to think of the person that important to him like Butler & Juliet. I can apply it to my life being a good citizen in our country and helping the poor one. And most of all giving importance to the people around me. And loving them more than anything.


3. How do you feel about the vocabulary, sentences, length, organization, and sound of the words used by the author? Was the writing difficult for you to read? Give quotations.

  -The vocabulary of the story is too much number of words in every particular language. The sentences length of the story is sometimes short and long, it depends on the sentence and situation. The sound of the words used by the author is so hard to pronounce and understand. Yes, the writings are difficult to read because I’m not familiar with the words that are used. And the Author is just a genius, I idolize him.










It was Thursday afternoon when I was just sitting at Mr. Brun’s room we are ordered to make a paragraph by Mr. Fullmer. Time passing by with my friends, family and all the people around me, I’m so happy being with them and I don’t want to change anything in my life, because having them is my happiness and I treasure them so much.
One Saturday morning I and my friends decided to go to the beach. When we are at the beach, we are so happy and full of joy. No worries and hard feelings, all we make is memories that can be treasured for our entire lives. Being with them is just my happiness and I treasure them most. And whenever I feel blue they’re the one who cheer me up and they’re the one who’s my medicine if I’m sick or whatever.
TRALALA forever  ..
When I go home my family is waiting for me for us to eat our dinner. And at that moment that we shared together, it was the happiest and memorable dinner I ever had. I can feel that we’re a perfect family that everybody wants. We throw jokes to each other and watching them laugh a big part of my heart is being filled by love. They are my inspiration and they’re the one who makes me strong.
Wealth is not important even though we are poor as long as we are complete and a perfect family to everyone. Because for me my family is my wealth.
Then as I watch my reflection at the mirror, my “funny” face  to be specific. I just said to myself “I’m beautiful enough for everybody to notice me”. ! I’m happy of my appearance. I’m contented enough of what I have.
I don’t know if many people don’t like my personality/attitude. For me I’m just being who I am no more hidings, and I’m not just a girl that is called by people “plastic”. And I don‘t care what people say I’m just enjoying my life while I’m still existing in this beautiful world.
Being intelligent to become popular doesn’t important, and for me I believe in myself that I have my own intelligence in many things I just need more knowledge to become this as my skill/talent/etc. And I love being “Kalog” in many ways.
As my conclusion I decided not change anything from my friends, family, appearance, personality, wealth and intelligence because having them is the most happiest and memorable thing that I ever had. I’m being contented of what God gives us all I can do is to take care of the things that is important to me and treasure them most so that I can never lose them. And having such a wonderful chance to change anything is what people wants but me I’m just a simple girl who’s contented of being me and having them, no more hidings. I love them more than my life that no one/ nothing can break it.
When I woke up its 2061 again, and suddenly my tears are falling down. I just can’t control my feelings of what just had happen to me. I feel so relieved and successful. I just remember I hadn’t change anything in my life but I’m still happy as long as I’m alive and I have them who loves me the most.


Camp Blog 2011 at VSU (via tHe mAn in tHe CaVe)

Camp Blog 2011 at VSU Camp Blog 2011 is an awful experience. It seems blogging is new to me. We stay long in the lab facing our computers editing our school paper and personal blog until late night. We sometimes miss to take our snacks because we are engrossed to work just to improve our blogs. At lunch time our facilitators had difficulty in driving us to the bu … Read More

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WordPress for webOS: A New Way to Blog (via News)

WordPress for webOS: A New Way to Blog It's a new way to blog, on a new type of platform. Today we're excited to share a glimpse of the future for all the WordPress mobile apps. Drumroll please! I give you WordPress for webOS, available as a download for the HP TouchPad with support for more webOS 3.0 devices coming in the future. Here's the run-down: It's the first official WordPress app to have a full featured WYSIWYG (what's this?) post editor. The app has been translated to all la … Read More

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Pintados Festival (via tHe mAn in tHe CaVe)

Pintados Festival The Pintados Festival made Leyte known for its unique culture. It is a cultural-religious celebration in Tacloban City based on the body-painting traditions of the ancient tattooed "pintados" warriors.  In 1986, the Pintados Foundation, Inc. was formed by the people of Tacloban to organized this festival in honor of Sr. Santo Niño. Years later, it was merged with the Kasadyaan Festival which is always held on June 30 ( Howev … Read More

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